No. Address Building size sqm Status Notes
1Paldiski mnt 215436Reserved Office premises
2Paldiski mnt 215609Reserved Warehouse and production premises
3Paldiski mnt 211944Vacant Building is being designed
4Paldiski mnt 211656Vacant Building is being designed
5Paldiski mnt 211364Reserved Warehouse premises
6Paldiski mnt 212610Vacant Building is being designed
7Ehitajate tee 63800Vacant Building is being designed
8Ehitajate tee 62535Vacant Building is being designed
9Paldiski mnt 3123540Reserved Production premises
10Paldiski mnt 314014Vacant Building is being designed
11Paldiski mnt 314800Reserved Production premises
12Paldiski mnt 313456Vacant Building is being designed
13Paldiski mnt 311690Vacant Building is being designed
14Keki tn 8238Reserved Production premises
15Paldiski mnt 3115990Reserved Production premises
16Keki tn 49180Vacant Building is being designed
17Paldiski mnt 35520Reserved Warehouse premises
18Paldiski mnt 352552Reserved Retail and warehouse premises
19Paldiski mnt 353126Reserved Retail and warehouse premises
20Keki tn 28386Reserved Warehouse and production premises
21Keki tn 1/11669Reserved Retail premises
22Keki tn 1/21745Reserved Warehouse and production premises, NEW BUILDING!
23Keki tn 15390Vacant Building is being designed
24Keki tn 14089Reserved
25Keki tn 111663Reserved
26Keki tn 11381Reserved Warehouse premises
27Keki tn 13644Reserved
28Keki tn 34595Reserved
29Keki tn 54771Reserved
30Keki tn 72275Vacant Building is being designed
31Keki tn 74400Vacant Building is being designed
32Keki tn 72074Reserved
33Keki tn 73456Vacant Building is being designed
34Keki tn 53659Vacant Building is being designed
35Keki tn 53420Vacant Building is being designed

Keila Industrial City

This is Estonia’s oldest industrial area with a comprehensive concept! Keila Industrial City is located in a logistically advantageous site in the city of Keila, right next to a transit road with high potential (Paldiski mnt). The total area of the industrial city is 48 hectares, 120,000 m2 of which has been built. The established detailed plan enables the construction of up to 130 000 m2 extra buildings. The infrastructure has been fully built and is constantly maintained. The surveillance and management of the territory is executed as a comprehensive whole. The industrial city is suitable for various companies involved in manufacture, storage and trade. We have a long-term vision of the development of the region.

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Keila tööstuspark

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